Graduate photos are organized by the degree attained or curriculum division. Click on the group below that should contain your graduate. Much care was taken in keeping track of the graduates during the commencement ceremony but they cannot be searched by name. The photos appear in the order they were taken. The photos scroll down the page. More photos will add as you continue to scroll down the page. If your graduate does not appear where you expect, try looking at the group before or the group after. Errors can happen at such a busy event.
If you need additional help you may email us or call (610) 521-5252, Monday - Friday 10 am-4 pm Eastern Standard Time.
01 Doctorates Degree02 Masters Degree Part 103 Masters Degree Part 204 Bachelor of Science Degree Part 105 Bachelor of Science Degree Part 206 Bachelor of Arts Degree Part 107 Bachelor of Arts Degree Part 208 Associates Degree