These images have been place here for review and to purchase retouching if you wish. From within the galleries, click on the SELECT PHOTOS button. Locate the images you want to download. Click on the selection circle on the bottom left of each image. Click the DOWNLOAD button to begin the download of the selected image files.
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To purchase retouching of selected images, scroll down until you locate the image you wish to select. The image file itself has already been paid for but retouching must be paid for by each individual. We have reduced the price for retouching from $35.00 to $25.00 for Saint-Gobain. Click on the BUY button to select the only available product of General Retouching and add to your shopping cart. You do not need to create an account to purchase. Click "View Cart" and then select "Check Out As Guest" during checkout. The retouched image will be emailed to you when it is done.
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