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Congratulations to all the graduates and their families!

 Please read through the following information to help you order! Kelly & Massa's convenient & secure, online ordering system has been configured to meet the different needs of our customers, while allowing for a variety of budgets.

If you need additional help you may email us or call (610) 521-5252, Monday - Friday 10 am-4 pm Eastern Standard Time.


1. Are there any promo codes?

2. How do I find my graduation photos?

3. Can I order photographic prints?

4. Can I order digital files?

5. How do I select the photos.

6. Can you help me select my packages?





EARLY BIRD SPECIAL - $6.00 OFF if you are purchasing before August 1st of your Graduation Year!

If you order graduation photos before August 1st of your graduation year, you can take off $6.00 from the order total by entering the PROMO CODE "earlybird" during the checkout process. (Enter the code earlybird run together without a space or the quotes. All lower case letters.) If it is after August first of your graduation year already we are sorry but the promo code will no longer work.

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Click on the "GRADUATIONS" tab at the top center of our homepage and select Index or the name of your university. Current graduate photos are organized by school and graduation year. They are further organized by the degree attained or curriculum division. Much care was taken in keeping track of the graduates during the commencement ceremony but they cannot be searched by name. The photos appear in the order they were taken. The photos scroll down the page. More photos will add as you continue to scroll down the page. If your graduate does not appear where you expect, try looking at the group before or the group after. Errors can happen at such a busy event. Locate the two photographs of your graduate.

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Prints can only be purchased "by the sheet" as show in the diagram below. Order as many sheets as you want but you can't mix different photos on one sheet. Each sheet, regardless of the kind, is priced the same, however, more sheets can be purchased in discounted packages. You may mix photos in the package but not on the sheet.


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Great News! FREE! With any print purchase we will email you the low resolution file! (Suitable for social media like Facebook but not for printing.)

If you want the High Resolution Digital “Printable” Image File so you can make prints yourself, or for any other use, we’ve made them available! Purchasing this image file allows you the rights to use the image online or to make prints on your own. Royalty Free License Included.

Note: Purchase BOTH image files using the “2 Different Printable Image Files via Email” package and save $33.00 over purchasing them separately!

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Click on the SELECT PHOTOS box.

Select BuySelect Buy

Click on the selection circle on the bottom left of your images.


Click on the BUY dropdown menu and choose Select product for 2 photos.

Buy down arrowBuy down arrow

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Review the available packages and make your selections. Click on the “More Info” roll-over for more detail about the package. Remember that packages with more than one sheet may be split between the two images. Click on “ADD” to select a package. Drag the image into the preferred item. Click “ADD TO CART” to choose this package or click the X in the upper right to discard this item and select something else.


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