Full resolution image files may be purchased for immediate download from this secure gallery. The images will be invoiced later at a price of $16.50 each. From within the galleries, click on the SELECT PHOTOS button. Locate the images you want to download. Click on the selection circle on the bottom left of each image. Click the BUY button at the top of the page and select Full Resolution Image File. The price will show as $0.00 for purposes of letting you check out without paying but you will be sent an invoice for the amount of $16.50 for each image downloaded. Click the ADD button and then View Cart. Once you are done adding images to the cart you may click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT and complete the transaction. When done you will be sent and email with a link that will return you to a download page where you can receive your images.
If you need additional help you may email us or call (610) 521-5252, Monday - Friday 10 am-4 pm Eastern Standard Time.
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